Green Hawker

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Green Hawker Aeshna viridis

Easy to identify. Thorax sides completely green, large "headlight" antehumeral stripes. Female with green sides of thorax and abdomen, golden markings and eyes. Compare with common Blue Hawker Aeshna cyanea. Male has bright blue abdomen spots and eyes, even recalling Emperor Anax imperator (not recorded in Finland).

Very local and rare, specialized species. Found on only a few sites, all sites harbour Watersoldier (Stratiotes). Green Hawker lays eggs on Watersoldier and larvae live among plants.

A well-known location to see this species is Parikkala's Siikalahti in Eastern Finland, where abudant in August.

Flight period July-August.


A male Green Hawker is very easy to identify, although difficult to find. Petri Metsälä

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