Yellow-spotted Emerald

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Yellow-Spotted Emerald Somatochlora flavomaculata

Resembles other emeralds, especially Brilliant Emerald, but thorax and abdomen sides with bright yellow spots (these get duller in old age).

Common in southern Finland, more uncommon in central Finland. More southernly distribution than other emeralds, with differing habitat requirements.

Usually at meso- or eutrophic lakes, ponds and bays. Also often far away from water in wood clearings and roadsides. In some years more common than normally, especially in 2006.

Flight period: June-September.

Somatochlora flavomaculata sulka haro.jpg

Male. Note the large yellow markings on abdomen base and smaller yellow spots at the sides. In female, the yellow markings are larger. Sulka Haro

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