Baltic Hawker

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Baltic Hawker Aeshna osiliensis

Difficult to identify, very similar to Moorland Hawker, Siberian Hawker and Bog Hawker.

  • Bright yellow costae; some junceas also have very bright costae
  • Strong antehumeral stripes
  • Thin stem of the frons T-mark (compare with Siberian Hawker)
  • Large, bright blue abdominal spots.
  • Wide stripes on thorax sides, with the rear stripe being almost triangle-shaped and very wide

Locally common in Southern and Western Coast, with only a few inland records. Usually at sheltered bays and small ponds near the shore.

Aeshna osiliensis sulka haro 1.jpg

Male Baltic Hawkers are quite common near coast, but identification is quite difficult and complicated. Sulka Haro

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