Siberian Hawker

Siirry navigaatioon Siirry hakuun

Siberian Hawker Aeshna crenata

Large and bulky, but overall very similar to other blue hawkers.

  • costae dark brown
  • antehumeral stripes, if present, are often blue
  • Wide stripes on the side of the thorax
  • male has bright blue abdominal spots; bluer than juncea and subarctica.
  • thick stem of fron T-mark (compare with Baltic Hawker)
  • female has dark wing patches between nodus and the tip (other hawkers might have brown-tinted wings, but none are like crenata in this regard).
  • bulky; the size difference is small and should not be used for identification.

Local and not numerous in South and East, with the most northwestwards record from near Vaasa. A species of small forest bog lakes, especially peaty acidic ponds and lakes, often occurring with Bog Hawker and Moorland Hawker.

Aeshna crenata n 01082006 Tammela 1.jpg

Female Siberian Hawker has large brown wing patches and is quite easy to identify. Jussi Mäkinen

See Isoukonkorento for more pictures, including habitat (in Finnish).

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